AAM, Auto Manufacturer, Improves Manufacturing ERP Operations
Video, Automotive
At Powerplex, American Axle Manufacturing talks about cloud ERP how Plex has helped their business improve efficiencies and production process, Senior Manager VSM, Michael Trathen. Watch this video.
American Axle Manufactruring Drives Innovation on the Shop Floor
Business Process and Performance Management, Shop Floor Control, Traceability
Plex helps American Axle Manufacturing drive innovation on its shop floors, streamlining processes and providing a single source of visibility. Through its partnership with Baker Tilly, AAM achieved a seamless go-live process, avoiding downtime for ...
How Hausbeck Pickles Manages & Supplies Inventory for Demanding Fast Food Chains
Video, Food and Beverage
Inventory Control is a top priority for all manufacturers. See how Hausbeck Pickles is able to manage inventory in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. (1:27)
Plex Helps Hausbeck Pickles Deliver on Their Promise of Quality
Video, Food and Beverage
Pickle and Pepper manufacturer, Hausbeck Pickles, knows how to make a quality product. Discover why they trust the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to ensure quality in every product they sell. (1:33)
How Hausbeck Pickles Exceeds Expectations of the Largest Fast Food Companies
Video, Food and Beverage
Watch this video to learn how Hausbeck Pickles and Peppers continue to exceed the expectations of the largest fast-food companies in the world. (1:33)
Hausbeck Pickles Trusts Their Family Business with Plex
Video, Food and Beverage
See why Tim Hausbeck trusts his family name and business in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. (2:58)
IntelliPlex Advanced Analytics - Demo
Product Demo, Video
IntelliPlex allows secured and untethered access to your business data—anytime, anywhere. (4:08)
Aerospace Manufacturing ERP Demo
Product Demo, Video, Aerospace
Watch this short demo and see how to gain operational control to produce high-quality products. (4:15)
Metal Fabrication Manufacturing - ERP Demo
Product Demo, Precision Metalforming
Watch this demo to see how you can gain operational control, connect your business, and gain visibility. (4:16)
Industrial Manufacturing - ERP Software Demo
Product Demo, Industrial Manufacturing
Watch this quick demo and see how to ensure quality, reduce errors, and boost productivity. (4:16)
High Tech and Electronics - ERP Demo
Product Demo, High Tech and Electronics
Watch this quick demo and see how to ensure quality, compliance, and operational control. (4:15)
A&K Delivers Superior Quality with Plex
Video, Automotive
A&K Finishing exceeds customer quality expectations with lower scrap rates, driving continuous improvement, and using real-time information from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. (0:53)
How Plex Improves Accuracy for A&K Finishing
Video, Automotive
A&K Finishing accurately measures paint depletion with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. (0:57)
How Plex Impacts Business Processes for A&K Finishing
Video, Automotive
Prior to Plex, A&K Finishing experienced siloed divisions and hours of calculating data. Now, the company achieves improved processes and continuous innovation with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. (0:58)
A&K Finishing Achieves Improved Inventory Management with Plex
Video, Automotive
A&K Finishing eliminated manual inventory processes, reducing workload and saving time with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, enabling them to communicate to customers more effectively and account for every piece that comes in the door. (1:01)
How Plex Improves Efficiency for A&K Finishing
Video, Automotive
A&K Finishing better understands operations and processes, recording production and managing data from a centralized location out of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. (3:08)
Intuitive Mobile Shop Floor App for Manufacturers
Product Demo, Video
See how the Plex Mobile app gives your shop floor employees the power of enterprise control and information sharing at their fingertips. (3:20)
In the Plex Labs: Realwear Headset feat. Microsoft Luis
Plex leverages the power of Microsoft Luis and the RealWear headset to demonstrate the future of hands-free technology. (2:00)
Plex Manufacturing ERP: Advanced Scheduling & Planning Software Demo
Product Demo, Video
Planning and Scheduling within the Plex Manufacturing Cloud links a dynamic production resource plan with finite scheduling and production dispatch to suit many different planning scenarios. (5:17)
How to Integrate Plex to your Manufacturing Business - Demo
Product Demo, Video
With Plex Connect you can integrate your business applications with the Plex Manufacturing Plafform. Connect business data, devices, and people with Plex. (6:07)
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